Prayer for Strength in Weakness

Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings, you have power over life and death. You know even things that are uncertain and obscure, and our very thoughts and feelings are not hidden from you. Cleanse me from my secret faults, and I have done wrong and you saw it. You know how weak I am, both in soul and in body. Give me strength, O Lord, in my frailty and sustain me in my sufferings. Grant me a prudent judgement, dear Lord, and let me always be mindful of your blessings. Let me retain until the end your grace that has protected me till now.

~~ St Ephrem of Syria, Deacon, Poet and Doctor

Father of mercies and God of all consolation,
You gave us the loving Heart of your own beloved Son,
because of the boundless love by which You have loved us,
which no tongue can describe.
May we render You a love that is perfect with hearts made one with His.
Grant, we pray, that our hearts may be brought to perfect unity:
each heart with the other and all hearts with the Heart of Jesus,
and may the rightful yearnings of our hearts find fulfillment through Him:
Our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.

—from St John Eudes’ Mass, Gaudeamus, 1668